HAUNTED HIGH RISE by Amelia A., age 9

I watched sadly as he pulled the door closed behind him. I heard the key lock go click, and he was going to be gone for three whole weeks! I’m off on my own, I guess. My name is Cassie, the golden retriever, I have two neighbors. I like Ms. Plum, a neighbor to the right of my house. She is a plump, fat lady, who gives me treats a lot. And then there’s Mr. Bone. Don’t really know him. All I know is that he’s my left neighbor. I was staring at a misty cloud. Soon, it was evening. I was trotting up the hill to my  house, the thick, freezing fog swirling around my fur. Brrrrr. when I was just to crawl into the mail flap at the door, there, before me stood Mr. Bone.

“Arf! Grrrrr.” I growled. Mr. Bone just laughed and said,” You’re no match for me, dog.” Growl. I just get SO irritated when people call me dog. In fact, I got so frustrated, I jumped on him. But instead of landing on the human body of Mr. Bone, I went right through him.

“ Everyone knows, you silly dog, I’m a ghost, your owner just doesn’t want to get you scared!” Then he cackled an evil laugh. He is teasing me! I thought. Teasing me by saying that Andrew would think I’m a scaredy-dog. Andrew had always told me that I was the bravest dog on the block. Never a easily scared dog. Maybe Mr. Bone was just trying to sound so great.

“You can NEVER, I say, NEVER, turn back!” he shrieked. What does he mean, “never turn back”? I thought. I just don’t get it. I whimpered.  Well, I should probably get back to the house, now. I went through the mail flap, but the flap didn’t move. I went through it. Yes, right through it.

“Oh my!” I gasped. The effect! I was a ghost now! No! I want to be my own golden retriever self again. I whimpered again. I went into the attic,(my room). I wasn’t alone. “Hello, there. Don’t be afraid of me. I know, you would want to be yourself again, correct?” the unicorn in my attic room said, calmly.

“Uh, um, yes?” I answered.

“Good. You must promise me something.”

Was the promise my life? That happened to a mythical dog. “Okay, what is it?”

“ To be friends with me.”

Did I hear correctly? She was asking me for friendship? Awkward. “Why?”

“Well, I don’t have any friends, I’m a misfit in my place.”

“Can you turn me back, now?”

“Oh, yes, sorry.” Boom! Crash! My color! I was me! “Now, visit me every Friday, I’ll be waiting.” she said.

“Thank you!” I barked. She had disappeared into thin air. Ding-dong! There were hungry trick-or-treaters outside waiting for their candy.


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2 responses to “HAUNTED HIGH RISE by Amelia A., age 9

  1. Nice story, Amelia A! GG

  2. gcadam

    PS Amelia A there is a black labrador who misses you and Audrey A….

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