THE LIFE OF A COMPLETELY NORMAL DOG {a novel} by Amelia A., age 9

Chapter 1

Hello. My name is Scarlett. I’m an Irish setter. Which is a good thing……..right? I mean, it’s not a bad thing, being a dog. But sometimes I wish I could understand human language. The only word I know is “treat” and “food”. Two words is a lot………I think………. Wait a minute! I smell something…….oh! Is that FOOOOOOD???? I simply MUST find the delicious smell!!! Stop! That is just the owner’s food!  No food for me, then. I guess there’s a choice for me to do……which is: sleep,(eh, don’t really want to do that), do tricks, (only for food),uhhh………… I don’t know what to do. “Scarlett! Time for left over tacos! Come and get it!” What does that mean? I didn’t know, so I just came over to the sound of my name. Owner pointed to my bowl. In there I found…………….drumroll, please…………left over tacos! I licked my chops and started wolfing the tacos down.  When I finished, I sat down next to my owner and watched him watch a music video of what he told me was called “One Thing” by One Direction. I couldn’t understand it, but the music sounded good. Then, Owner turned on dogs barking “One Thing”. Now THAT I could understand. Listening to human music is like a foreign language to me.

When I woke up, I saw a sparrow-er two sparrows circling each other. They must be in love, or something. I’m not a sparrow, so how would I know? “Scarletto?”—–That’s what Owner calls me sometimes——-“C’mon, were going to pick up Saturn. Our neighbor asked me to take care of her for a while.”

“Woof!” I said. Wow! Oh my furry chicken bones! Saturn! She’s coming :D!!!!! Saturn and I have been best dogs forever! I couldn’t wait. I started chasing my tail around and around. “You stay here, and be patient will you, my Scarletto?” Owner said. I will! I will! I tried to say. After that being said, he went out the door. I decided to check my food bowl to see if I had gotten breakfast yet. Hooray! Breakfast was four pancakes with some bananas to the side. I ate noisily. Yum. Click! I heard the lock on the door open, and owner and Saturn were there, in front of me. “I’m back!” Owner said. –Hello, Scarlett! Haven’t seen you in a while!—

–Oh yes! It is great to see you too, Saturn! I can’t wait to play and chase sparrows again!—

–That’s right! And jumping into the hay stacks and herding out the pigs and sheep!—

–Of course! I’ll ask Owner to let us do that!—

–Right now?—

–Right now!—

I walked over to Owner and made him follow me. Once we were near the door, I rolled over so he could open the door. Well, that did the trick! He opened the door and let us outside. And did we play! We rounded up the pigs, chased sheep to the gate, bounded into haystacks, and joked with horses. After that, we came back inside, and Owner gave Saturn and me a bath. Dinner was next on the schedule. We were very tired of playing. “Dinner!” I heard. –C’mon! Let’s go have dinner.—


Chapter 2

It was nighttime, and everyone was sleeping and snoozing. Including Saturn. Well, I was awake in the dark. Alone. Nothing to do. Bored, even. I went outside the house, (using my doggy door), and howled to the stars and the sky. That reminded me of when me and Saturn where just puppies trying to howl. (In the picture, I’m the brown one, and Saturn is the lighter one.) But now, it’s past those puppy years, and now I’m older and much more mature. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just sat there and waited for something entertaining. But then I got an answer. I heard howling, but it wasn’t me. And then I heard a rustling sound. “Grrrrr….” I heard. I turned around. There, licking their lips, were a pack of hungry wolves ready to attack any time they wanted. –Please don’t eat me!—I whined. It felt like you were the Pac man yellow thing and you’re about to lose a game because the ghosts have blocked your way. That’s exactly how it felt. I was surrounded. Six against one. Not gonna play that game.

–Um, hi?—I said.

–Oh, hello there, DINNER!—the lead wolf snarled. He said it with such a threat in his voice I felt like I would jump out of my fur. It was just plain scary.

–I-I come in peace—I stammered.

–Ha! Then we don’t!—one of the wolves snickered.

–Let us eat your sheep or we challenge you to a duel. One on one.—the leader stepped closer.

–No way. I’m gonna fight for my sheep. You ain’t gettin’ any o’ my sheep!—I growled.

–Let the fight begin!—a wolf shouted. I whimpered. I couldn’t win against this big wolf. I mean, I’ve seen small wolves sniffing around, but this one! As big as a small horse. If you were me, you’d freak out for sure. I could’ve bolted right there on the spot. But I didn’t. I would fight for my sheep for Owner. For the barn! Suddenly, the lead wolf pounced on me. This was a duel, but there was no rule that you couldn’t get clever. I decided to lead the wolf into a thing owner sets up called a snare. It is used to catch sheep if they want to escape. So that’s what I did. I jumped over the snare and let the big wolf in. –Oh, I’ll get you for this! Even if it’s the last thing I do!—he growled.

–You can try.—I said.—you can try—the wolf tugged itself out of the snare and bounded away `with rage. It was morning, and the sun was up. So were Saturn and Owner. “Good morning, girls. Here, I’ll get your breakfast. Eat quick, cause we’re going to the park soon.” Owner said. After breakfast, Owner took us to the park. –Hey! I saw a squirrel. You want to try to catch it?—

–How about whoever gets the squirrel can do whatever you want with it?—I asked.

–You’re on! — I was getting a bit worried about catching the squirrel. I had to catch it. Otherwise the wolves would rip me apart. It was food I had to bring them, they said so. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the squirrel. I pounced. And caught it in my teeth. It was unconscious, for now.

It was nighttime, and the wolves came to meet me. –Where’s our food?—the lead wolf asked.

–I have it.—With that, I gave him the squirrel. One of the wolves shredded it open. –Juicy meat, sire. Just as you wanted—the wolf said.

–Good. Good. Tie little doggy up, and let me have a word with her.—the lead wolf growled.

–Hey!—I yelled in surprise as a small wolf tied me up. But this wasn’t a wolf. –Sorry I have to do this to you. King’s orders.—This wolf was a golden retriever. It was someone I thought I could trust forever. This someone was Saturn. I thought we were best dogs forever! I thought I count on her. Why? Why? The lead wolf broke my silence. –So, you bring me this small squirrel for my whole pack? You’re lucky I’m nice. BRING ME A DEER!!!!!!—he screamed. I whimpered, then tugged myself out of the ropes. I bounded into the house and Saturn was there. Wait….. I thought Saturn was outside. I looked out. I saw a golden retriever. I looked at the one in my house. That’s weird. I can’t think. ZZzzzz……………..

Chapter 3

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. Mmm. I am as tired as I am in the picture. –Mornin’!—said Saturn tiredly.

–Yeah, good morning. I have a question. Do you work for a pack of wolves?—

–What? What do ya mean?—

–I saw you. You tied me up.—

–T-that means y-you’re the…. — she didn’t finish. She just jumped to her bowl. I decided to eat my dog food also. –So, um, Saturn. You said I was the what?—

–Oh, sorry. I just got so surprised that you are the granter.—

–What’s a granter?—

— I was hoping you would ask. A granter is an animal who comes from the birth of Angelo, you know, the god of wishes.—

— Yeah, keep going.—

–So a granter is an animal who can see the Ones of Greed and your worst nightmares. The Night Mares hate Angelo. They decide to haunt his sons and daughters.—

–So, that means I’m one of the daughters of Angelo? That can’t be right.—

–But it is right.—

“Okay, girls. Sorry to run the fun, but I have to take Saturn home. Say good bye to Saturn, Scarlet.” Owner said. –Bye.—I said sadly.

–Bye—Saturn replied. After they had left, I thought about the Ones of Greed and Night Mares. It sent shivers down my spine just thinking about those Night Mares and how they haunt Angelo’s sons and daughters. Yipe. I think the Ones of Greed are ancient wolves that are ghosts. So that explains why the wolves wanted food so much, and when Saturn was in the pack, that was the Night Mares. It all makes sense! There was so much I needed to know before. I know now, at least. I decided to find out who were my siblings. I jumped through my doggy door to go out on my search.

Chapter 4

I decided to start at the Gorges house. They’re very rich, Owner told me. I trotted toward the big house and barked really loud so that their pet snake could hear me. –What animal is it this time? — Zeus the snake complained.

–It’s me! Your neighbor! Scarlet! You know me!—I called.

–Alright. Whattya want?—

–Are you one of the sons of Angelo?—

–No. Move along, Scarlet—after I tried about 50 houses, I promised myself that this was going to be the last house, because I getting sort of tired.

–Are you one of the sons or daughters of Angelo?—

–Well, no. But wait! I know someone who is. Go to Bat Cave. — I galloped on the streets until I got to Bat Cave. I stepped in. I wondered what animal my sibling would be. I cautiously looked around. There, stirring a cauldron, was a unicorn. I never knew that they actually were real. –Um, are you one of the sons of Angelo?—

–Oh, yes. Are you?—the unicorn’s voice was like honey.

–Well, yeah. What’s your name?—

–My name? Oh! It is Regan. Yours?—

–My name is Scarlet.—I replied. Regan was a very handsome unicorn, it’s sad that he lives alone. He should have a girlfriend or something. With his unicorn magic, he made a potion bottle come and pour into the cauldron. —What you making?—I asked.

–This is a talent potion a reindeer needs it for a duel. It is important.—He said with his head in a bag of Pluto flowers. Then he took two moonflowers and put them in the cauldron. He started to stir the liquid until it was a light purple, like in the picture above. He then added some herbs that are rare called Slynx. It turned the liquid fiery orange, and it looked like lava. –So, where’d you get all these rare herbs and liquids?—I asked.

–I got these things from the Well. For only the children of Angelo, of course.—

–Yeah, but how do you learn all this potion-making?—

–Ah, you are a curious one, aren’t you? I know all this from a class in Wise and Philosophy. It is very hard. I would like you to take one bag of anything in this room. You will need it.—he said mysteriously. I decided to take a bag of blue star flowers. I didn’t know if it was going to help me in the future, but I guess it was the prettiest and it had the most magic, so it was a good choice……I think… I looked around the room. There were some pretty ancient pictures, alright. And one was a picture of my dad. –Would you like to stay for a while?—

–I…..uh okay.—this was going to be cool, but what about Owner? Would he miss me? –Regan, my owner would be worried about me. I want to stay, but Owner will be sad.—

–I have that taken care of, Scarlet.—

I didn’t know how he did it, but I’d already asked him many questions, so I decided to stay quiet. I checked the cauldron for what color it was. There was nothing in it. I put my paw in to check. –Yow!—I screamed.

–What is this? Did you touch? Do not be greedy, little one.— Regan said.

–I thought there was nothing in the cauldron.—I said innocently. Regan scooped the invisible liquid into an ancient bowl, then put it on a shelf. –The reindeer will come very soon. You will want anything to eat, I presume?—

–What do you have?—

–Your choices are unusual. But I have something you will assume.—

–What is it?—

–Tornado leaves.—I heard about tornado leaves. They are very healthy, and taste like an ocean breeze. They give you lots of energy too. –Here are the tornado leaves. Eat quick, the deer is no stick.—I ate the tornado leaves, and felt good. –Go hunt two deer. It is for your own food.—Regan said. I bounded out of Regan’s hut, and went to find two deer. I decided to hunt one young, and one grown. At the corner of my eye, I saw a young deer grazing in the grass. I pounced. I looked at the clock on Regan’s cave. 2:00 pm. Dang! I missed! I started to get agitated. This time, I waited for a little bit so that the young deer would think it was a safe place to graze. Five minutes later, I jumped out on the young, and slit its throat so it would die……….slowly. Ha! I had caught the first deer, I wondered if I should set up a snare for a trap. I did. I waited for about thirty minutes, (if you’re math genius, then what time is it?). I heard a little snap! And the snare had a male deer in it. I slit its throat and put him on my back with the young deer. Oooh, they were mighty heavy!

I had made it to Regan’s hut, but I was very tired and tremendously hungry. –Ah, what do we have here? I will cook the deer, and you will eat.—Regan said as he took the deer with his magic.

Chapter 5

I had thought today was the day I would have to leave and find my other siblings. Regan gave me a scroll and said good luck. Today was my leaving day. The scroll said:

 One deep,

One small,

One you may not see at all


I was beginning to wonder what the scroll meant. I started at the first line, one deep. It could be quicksand, it could be the ocean, IT COULD BE ANYTHING!!!!!! I decided not to panic about how long it would take me to find just the first sibling. It could take forever, though! It was time to start looking. Good thing I have everything I need. Let’s see, I have a male deer, water, and some warm animal skin. I went to the ocean, and put on the animal skin to keep me warm from the ocean breeze. I found an old abandoned scuba diving mask, and put it on. For some reason, the beach was deserted. I looked at the signs. They said:

Do not come! One deep, do not come!

It was a very weird sign, but it gave me a clue to my riddle. One deep, do not come!  The sign said. I felt like it was yelling in my face. Those signs were harsh.  I guess that meant that the animal was somewhere beneath the waves. Like, really deep. Cautiously, I put one paw in front of the other and bravely marched into the tossing, foamy ocean. Brrr! It was freezing, like fifty below zero or something. The waves were up to my shoulders now. It was getting colder. I dunked my head underwater. Hey! The water was warmer and I could breathe. And the sights! The ocean was full of color and mystery. Like that dark thing over to the right ruined the scene. I saw a sign that said:  Under the deep. Would I find my sibling here? I swam down deeper. But oh! The pain! My lungs needed real oxygen. I was beginning to lose air. I just saw a glimpse of what was in the deep, a whale lying quietly on the soft sand. –Hello?—I said losing air as I spoke. I needed oxygen.

–I will meet you.—said the peaceful whale. Swimming like crazy, I got to the surface, and oh! Glorious air! I breathed in deeply, then I thought of the mysterious whale who could possibly be a sibling.  Meet the whale where? I couldn’t go down in the deep again. No siree. Suddenly, a big orca whale broke out of the surface and splashed me all wet. –Hey!—I yelled in surprise.

–I’m sorry. My name is Rain. Yours?-

–Scarlet but—

–Wonderful name you got there! I can’t believe someone is actually talking to me! That’s so unusual!—

–That’s great but—

–You are so pretty! An Irish setter, right? Ah! You must be very blab blab ……….—she kept on talking endlessly, so at some point, I had to get her to the point of this conversation. –Okay, okay! Let me get to the point!—but for some reason, I kept on talking and talking until my muzzle was dry. I forced my mouth closed. I should have listened to the signs!  I had to ask if I talked the rest of my life. –are you a –I mean is your father Angelo?—I held my breath. Phew! It worked. She shook her whale head, but stayed quiet. I felt the tears coming on. The sign underwater said under the deep. I was just too far down. I ran as far as I could go to never see water’s ugly face again. I just… uh. Whatever. I felt mad. I went all the way down into the ocean with my lungs bursting for air? Geez! I growled to myself. That’s what I do when I’m mad. Mad at myself. Why had I been so……so stupid.  I growled again, this time louder, and a few birds flew away. I thought it was a good idea to try quicksand, for that would be deep. So I trotted away, a little bit more jolly with my plan.

Chapter 6

I knew I couldn’t get to a quicksand puddle by foot, otherwise my pads could cut. I had to find some transportation. If only…….I saw a big eagle soar across the sky. BINGO!! I got it! I started to put together some sticks and some pine needles, and twined them into reins. I put them in my mouth, and started to climb a tree. I know it sounds crazy, a dog climbing a tree, but I’ve seen many stray cats sink their claws into the hard bark. So I tried that. It didn’t work out so well, but then I got the hang of it. I found the eagle sitting in a nest which just happened to be the tree I was climbing. It was the mother, and she didn’t look very happy to see me. But, again, I don’t speak bird. The eagle made a scary eagle sound, which knocked me flat on my back. –Um, hi?—I said.

“Growwer!” the eagle. Obviously, Eagle didn’t understand me. She stepped toward me a little bit. This was my big chance! I bounced on her back, the looped the bridle into her mouth. “Growwk!” Eagle called. Putting the reins in mouth, I dug my hind legs into the sides of the Eagle.

I had actually never flown. The wind on my face, oh, it just felt like, like joy! I was just thinking about my happy thoughts, when I suddenly remembered that I was flying to a quicksand puddle, when Eagle let me fall-in midair. So much for joy. “Rowf!” I barked, and if you see the ground miles away, you would scream. And guess where I landed? A quicksand puddle. How exciting.

I landed with a mouthful of sand. I suddenly wished Mom was here. I’d only seen her when I was born. Aw, Mom! I need you! Mom is a very pretty Irish setter. Now I longed to see her.

Her kind eyes would fall on me and say I was a cute puppy. I hoped she didn’t forget about me.

I was drowning, fast. I swam down further and a strong current whooshed me into a river. I spurted out water from my mouth, then moved my shaggy, wet body onto the river bank, wheezing, coughing, and sneezing. I shook all the wet off, and heard a small voice. Could it be? A water nymph stepped out of the water. –And who are you?—I said grumpily. I didn’t like being washed down into a clear, freezing river.

“Oh, you are a pretty dog. Irish setter, right? Sorry, my name is Ria.” The nymph said.

–You actually understand me?—I said. I was very surprised. Wait a minute! –Are you one of the daughters of Angelo?— At first Ria looked at me like I was from Mars and said, “I am.” YES!!!! I had found a sibling. I saw the scroll and replaced by One Deep, it said:

You have completed,

But not succeeded.

You need time,

It’s the only reason.


Chapter 7

The riddle had made no sense to me, though I had Ria at my side, I felt like this search was going to be easier. But seldom did we have any food, and we were starving. Okay, maybe not starving, but really, really hungry.

Ria would brush my fur every morning, brushed my teeth, and gave me baths in puddles. Clean puddles. I had never really brush my fur in a long, long time. And my teeth were brown and yellow. Ria had made a leash, which reminded me of Owner. Ria kept muttering words under her breath, but patted my head occasionally. I kept looking at the scroll hanging out of Ria’s satchel. “Alright, let’s see, oh! The scroll, I almost forgot.” She sighed. “Let’s just take a break, look at the scroll, and then eat something.” She seemed……..well…….tired.

I kept thinking of those two sentences. They seemed to repeat in my head. Ria took out some honeysuckle, and put some in my mouth. She then took an edible flower, took four petals, then gave five petals to me. Suddenly, an old man popped out of the brush, threw out a Time Stopper, then bounced back inside the brush. Old men bouncing in and out of the bushes is something you don’t see every day. I circled around the Time Stopper, but then my blue star flowers blew out of my bag and formed a tornado around the Time Stopper. Then, every single thing stopped. Only Ria and I were moving. And then a streak of light came hurtling at us. A pink streak. It crashed into Ria. The fast thing fell to the ground. I suddenly realized who we’d been looking for. “Oh you poor, poor thing.” Ria said. And picked it up. We had found a hummingbird. –I’m fine, really.—the hummingbird squeaked.

–Hey, you one of the daughters of Angelo?—I asked. The hummingbird looked at me like I was from somewhere that’s not earth, and said yes. I saw the scroll change its words:

You are not done,

But almost.

Try not to be

What you call “toast”


I literally shivered at that last line, What you call “toast”. You know what that means, don’t you? Toast means I’m dead. –Ria, I don’t like the sound of this riddle.—

“Nor do I.”

–Me ‘neither—the hummingbird said. –My name is Honey.—

–Nice name—I complemented. I decided to go to Dragon Cave. It would be a scary place. It would be a place where we would all freak out. A place where death markings had been put on walls long ago by ancient people who dared to come here.

Chapter 8

I know it sounds lame, Dragon Cave, but it’s really scary and I think that’s where all the villains of books like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson come and meet. They make evil creatures, and they make names for them. Like the Night Mares. You know what that came from. Honey said nectar was good for her and told Ria to pack it for her. I told Ria to pack me meat. Ria packed herself some meat, berries, and water. I put my extra blue star flowers in a golden bag Ria gave to me. It was satin gold. Very pretty.

I seriously didn’t want to go to Dragon Cave, but I was the one who suggested it, so I had to go. –How much longer?– Honey complained. –I feel like I’ve been flying for YEARS.–

“Well, you haven’t. So stop complaining!” Ria told Honey.

–I need some peace and quiet!—I said, looking at the map. Two more hours. Two more hours……. Gaaaah! Honey was right! This is going to take forever! –Let’s just take a break, eat some lunch?—I asked. Honey and Ria nodded their heads in agreement. Ria pulled out some meat for me, a bottle of nectar for honey, and berries for herself. –You did pack sixteen bottles of nectar, didn’t you, Ria!?—Honey said.

“I packed the same amount for each of us, which is ten bottles of nectar, ten meat chops, and ten berry vines. Everyone gets an equal amount of food, like I said before.” Ria said.

–I don’t get humans.—I heard Honey mutter under her breath. I gobbled up my meat chops. They were delicious. “We have to keep going!” Ria called. “Gotta get there before sundown” Ria was right. If we didn’t get to Dragon Cave before sundown, then the villains would make us hate each other. If I had a hand, I would chew my nails.

–Okay, we’re here! Now PLEASE stop whining and arguing to each other!—I said. I had no idea how dangerous it got.

Chapter 9

In the morning, I woke up to the sound of a flutter of wings. Big wings. -–Honey?—I said.

–Squawk! I’m a parrot! Ria got turned into a collie! But you, you blended in!—Honey said. She sounded A LOT like a parrot. I got up. And saw a collie dog. –Scarlet! Thank goodness you recognize me! I got scared you wouldn’t.—Ria sounded a lot more doggy. –Find the transforming globe!—

–I will!—I called back to her. I barked, then zoomed into the cave. Many ugly faces in the halls is what my eye caught sight of.  I decided to close my eyes so that I wouldn’t see those faces. Bad idea. I knocked into a curtain, and it fell on top me. Then, I hit the table that held the transforming globe. BAM! The globe exploded on me. I was still under the curtain. “Hey! That’s not fair!” I said…….in a human voice? I looked down at my hey! Hands? I touched my face. Nose, mouth, GAH!!! I finally figured out that when the Transforming Globe had fallen on me, it had turned me into a human. Then that means………ewww……I wrapped the curtain around myself tight. This was grossing me out. I stood up, (but the two-legged thing was not familiar to me, so I was wobbly) and walked out the cave. I saw Ria (the now collie dog) and Honey (now a parrot) and they ran towards me. –What happened to you?—Ria’s voice said in my head.

“It’s a long story. Do you have any ideas where I can get clothes?” I said, wrapping the curtain tighter around me.

–What town did you live in?—Ria said.

“I think it’s called San Diego.” I said.

–Well, I can take a quick fly to there and see how far it is.—Honey said in her squawky voice.

–Good idea—Ria said. Honey started taking off to San Diego and muttering that she would be faster if she were a hummingbird. I wondered how long it would take Honey. Ria and I waited. We waited hours. Until finally, –Yo! Guys! I’m back!—I immediately sat up from where I lay down. Then I made sure the curtain was still on me. –About three miles west from here.—Honey said.

–Good. That’s not too far. Do you think you can handle it, Scarlett?—Ria said.

“I’ll try. But the two-legged thing….I’m just not used to it.” Then I got a brilliant idea. Remember the time I rode an eagle? Well, if we found two big peregrine falcons, we could get there a lot quicker. I told Ria and Honey. Honey said she would go off and find two big peregrines. Fifteen minutes later, Honey came back with two enormous peregrine falcons. Seriously, they were Enormous. That’s right. With a capital e. I twined two bridles and reins, one for me, one for Ria. “So, you put them in your mouth.” I said to Ria. I adjusted the curtain, gripped the reins, and dug my heels in the bird’s sides. And we were off! We were going super duper fast. “Whoa!!” I cried out in surprise. Honey suddenly spread her wings in front of us. The two peregrines quickly dived down. And I landed softly on the ground. I glanced around the village. There! There was the Gorge’s house! And that’s my house! “My house! Guys! It’s over here!” My friends had disappeared.

Chapter 10

Where were my friends/siblings? I was too tired to think. I slept alone. In the dark.

-Is she awake yet?-I gloomily opened my eyes. Honey was holding up a T-shirt and jeans. –I didn’t know your size, so let’s see if it fits.—Honey said. Honey took me over to a willow tree, and Ria pulled the leaves down so I could put on the clothes. The T-shirt had picture of a horse on it. The jeans were…..well…..jeans. –It fits PERFECT!!—Honey yelled.

-It is lovely on you.—Ria complemented.

“Thanks, guys!” I said. “My house is over there.”

–Good to know. Anyway, we need you talking like a human. Not a dog.–Ria was gonna give me some advice on how to be a human. I realized that humans do not have a very good sense of smell. Although I could see much more! So many colors! I sniffed the air. I couldn’t smell anything but O. (Which is oxygen in the periodic table of elements.) That’s too bad. With myself as a dog, I smelled WAY better than this. Four legs were easier, too. Oh well, live with it, Scarlett. I’ll get used to it, anyway. –Scarlett–, Ria said. –Are you ready for your lesson on how to be a human?—

“I guess.” I said.

Okay, so what Ria had said was kind of—-VERY confusing to understand. This is what she told me:


  1. Do not sniff the air

  2. Do not eat with your fingers, use a knife and fork.

  3. Do not crawl on your legs.

  4. Do not sit in people’s laps.

  5. Do not lap up water. Use a glass or cup.

  6. Do not act childish such as running around the house.

  7. Be polite.

  8. Always have friends.

  9. Have money.

10.  BE NICE!!!!

So those were the rules. Very hard. And I don’t even know how to use a knife and fork. My only friends are Ria and Honey. How do I get money? What is money anyway? I started asking question when Honey said,–Hey, is that your house?— I turned around. My house stood out of all the other ones. There is was. Home. I started running. –Stop! Stop!—I suddenly heard in my mind. I quickly stopped. Then I saw what Ria was warning me about. There was a truck on the road. If Ria hadn’t warned me, I would’ve died. “Hey! Move along, teenager!!” The truck guy yelled angrily.

“Y-yes sir!” I said. I quickly hurried across the street. My house was just two more blocks away. I ran and ran with Ria and Honey behind me.

When I had finally reached the house, I started knocking with a beautiful, golden door knocker that I had never seen.  The knocker had neatly designed swirls and curls on it. Then, Owner opened the door.


Chapter 11

Well, I don’t really remember the details about what happened because I was just shocked, you know. I was standing right in front of Owner, and I really didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t know his name, either. So I was just standing there, confused when Owner said, “Hello, would you like to come in?” And he said sort of like, well, like he was surprised I was standing there.

I nodded my head and went in. I wasn’t really allowed upstairs, so I wondered what it would like to be up there. Owner curled his mustache around his finger. “Did you find my dog? Do you know where she is? Have you seen her?” He said, rather excitedly. “Hey, why do you have a collie dog and a parrot?”

“Oh,” I said. “Ummm, I’m here for….your dog, of course!”

“Where is she, then?”

“Well, I actually am your dog. You may not believe me, but I went away because I realized something very important. I went to Dragon Cave, but there the Transforming Globe smashed on me, which turned me human. My sisters Ria and Honey also ventured into the cave and they got themselves all mixed up. Could I stay with you?” Owner played with his moustache. “I don’t say why not?” He held out his hand, I didn’t know what to do at first, but then my human sense told me to shake it. “My name is Edvard Grieg.” HOLY COW!!!! I know who Edvard Grieg is! He wrote the famous piece, “Hall Of the Mountain King”! And I never knew for all these years. All I knew was the name I had called him. Owner. It’s sort of stupid, to think of it now.

Chapter 12

I did live a while at Edvard’s house. Ria and Honey each had a nice room to stay in. I never forgot my thrilling adventures, and made sure I would find that Transforming Globe, before the evil people would stir any more trouble. I live in my own room, the one I had when I was a dog. I lived happily, but I knew that the journeys wouldn’t stop coming.


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JOY HAIKU by Emma L., age 9

spreads fast around the world
never can feel like jealousy or anger
lands in cities and towns

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CARDINAL FEATURES by Jaden R., age 9

Cardinals have fascinating features.  The grown up cardinals have a bright red body, while the female happens to have a greyish brown, with hints of red on their chest, and tail, and wing tips.  The males have a black face all the way down to their chest. Females don’t have it, but they have black spots all over their body.  All cardinals have cone beaks that are a bright orange, a very long tail, and feathery wings.  Baby cardinals are the color of females  when they’re born, and they have black beaks instead.  When they grow up they turn white before orange.

The northern cardinal has unique habitats and behavior.  Cardinals live in forests or in bushes surrounding where people live.  They make their nests of sticks, grass, and shrubs.  They build their homes in the middle of bushes.  When other birds get too close to their nest they shriek to scare them away.  Every year female cardinals lay 3 eggs usually, but they can’t have 5. For two weeks the female cardinal protects the eggs while the male gets the food.  Cardinals talk with songs and calls.  Males sing and flap their  wings to attract females.  Mating couples sing the same song together.

Where do you find this outstanding bird?  Cardinals are usually around Southern Canada and their range goes down to Eastern U.S and moved to hotter places and near more people- a trustable food source from bird feeders.

What is a another name for this interesting bird?  Cardinalis is a scientific name for cardinals.  What else do they have?  They have a weight of 42 to 48 grams, their wings go to about 25 to 31 cm.  They live 28.5 years (in the wild).  We all hope you enjoyed this information!

Extra Info!  Male cardinals fight their reflection when they see it to scare off the “other bird.”  Again we all hope you enjoyed!😀  Thank you for spending some time to learn something I hope I do more things you like.  :)

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River Otters have cool features.The color of a River Otter’s fur is grey, white, black, and, brown.  Their soft smooth fur is also waterproof.  Did you know a River Otter can be under water for at least eight minutes?  They can also close their ears and nostrils to keep the water out!Isn’t that cool!?  River Otters have webbed feet to help them swim well.  They can weigh up to eight to nine pounds!  They can also dive to about sixty feet!  They are also in the weasel family.

River Otters eat fish like shellfish,crawfish,and fish heads but, they eat lots of other stuff too.  They also eat crustaceans, mollusks ,insects, birds, oysters, crabs, frogs, rodents, turtles, and aquatic invertebrates.  They hunt at night and during the day.  They additionally like to put food on their bellies and crush it up.

River Otters live in many different places.  They can live in streams, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, the marine coasts, the United States, Canada, and the Rocky Mountains.

River Otters love to play.  They love to slide on their bellies and play lots of fun games they made up with other River Otters.  They’re usually active at night.   That means they’re nocturnal.   They are also very sneaky.

River Otters have many different predators.  One of them is people because hunters hunt for their smooth and soft fur.  They want their fur for coats, boots, pants, shoes, and mittens etc.  The other predator is bobcats.Bobcats want them because they want to eat them.  River Otters are endangered because of these predators.  Hunters have been hunting them since the seventeen hundreds to the eighteen hundreds!   That’s why there aren’t  many left in certain places.

Scientist don’t know what the  population is because there are so many!  River Otters are so cool!

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Mister lizard fisher lived in a small house made out of sticks. It was next to a big pond. One day, he became so bored; he did not know what to do. But then he got an idea. He decided to fish. He made a fishing pole out of a string and a stick. He sat on a lily pad.  The lily pad moved far from land.  He yelled “help”.  His friend, ‘Bob turtle’ came and saved him.  But they saw a fish with sharp teeth. Bob swimmed fast as he can. Then an eagle came down and grabbed the fish.  Mister lizard never fished again, but was happy.

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UTAHRAPTOR by Kevin P., age 8

Utahraptor   was  larger  than  a  normal   toe – clawed  dinosaur,  usually  toe – clawed dinosaurs  were  small    but  Utahraptor  was  a medium – sized  toe- clawed  dinosaur.

Velociraptor was a small dinosaur but it is also a very fierce dinosaur. Hunting in packs might have made them a little fiercer.
Deinonychus was really scary and fierce. It could team up to bring down dinosaurs much larger than it.  Its    toe claw could cut open other animals.
Dromaeosaurus could kill animals that had good defenses and travel in herds, if they hunt in packs. Droamosauus must have smaller animals too.

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HAUNTED HIGH RISE by Amelia A., age 9

I watched sadly as he pulled the door closed behind him. I heard the key lock go click, and he was going to be gone for three whole weeks! I’m off on my own, I guess. My name is Cassie, the golden retriever, I have two neighbors. I like Ms. Plum, a neighbor to the right of my house. She is a plump, fat lady, who gives me treats a lot. And then there’s Mr. Bone. Don’t really know him. All I know is that he’s my left neighbor. I was staring at a misty cloud. Soon, it was evening. I was trotting up the hill to my  house, the thick, freezing fog swirling around my fur. Brrrrr. when I was just to crawl into the mail flap at the door, there, before me stood Mr. Bone.

“Arf! Grrrrr.” I growled. Mr. Bone just laughed and said,” You’re no match for me, dog.” Growl. I just get SO irritated when people call me dog. In fact, I got so frustrated, I jumped on him. But instead of landing on the human body of Mr. Bone, I went right through him.

“ Everyone knows, you silly dog, I’m a ghost, your owner just doesn’t want to get you scared!” Then he cackled an evil laugh. He is teasing me! I thought. Teasing me by saying that Andrew would think I’m a scaredy-dog. Andrew had always told me that I was the bravest dog on the block. Never a easily scared dog. Maybe Mr. Bone was just trying to sound so great.

“You can NEVER, I say, NEVER, turn back!” he shrieked. What does he mean, “never turn back”? I thought. I just don’t get it. I whimpered.  Well, I should probably get back to the house, now. I went through the mail flap, but the flap didn’t move. I went through it. Yes, right through it.

“Oh my!” I gasped. The effect! I was a ghost now! No! I want to be my own golden retriever self again. I whimpered again. I went into the attic,(my room). I wasn’t alone. “Hello, there. Don’t be afraid of me. I know, you would want to be yourself again, correct?” the unicorn in my attic room said, calmly.

“Uh, um, yes?” I answered.

“Good. You must promise me something.”

Was the promise my life? That happened to a mythical dog. “Okay, what is it?”

“ To be friends with me.”

Did I hear correctly? She was asking me for friendship? Awkward. “Why?”

“Well, I don’t have any friends, I’m a misfit in my place.”

“Can you turn me back, now?”

“Oh, yes, sorry.” Boom! Crash! My color! I was me! “Now, visit me every Friday, I’ll be waiting.” she said.

“Thank you!” I barked. She had disappeared into thin air. Ding-dong! There were hungry trick-or-treaters outside waiting for their candy.


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